Floor 13 Textiles

A WordPress web site for an interior designer to display their fabrics.  Built utilizing WooCommerce and several WooCommerce plugins, along ...


A shipping and mailing application. Users can buy postage, print shipping labels, and more. Created in AngularJS with Typescript, Sass, and ...

SendSuite Tracking Online

An application for tracking packages after they are received at a company. The package is scanned with an Android device, ...

Pitney Bowes Design System

Lead developer for the team which created the Pitney Bowes Design System, a library of design guidelines and code using ...

Fine Cooking

In 2013 I was tech lead on the project to redesign and relaunch finecooking.com as a fully responsive site.

Roofing App

An iPad app to calculate the materials needed for a roofing job.

Fine Woodworking

Last year, I undertook a redesign and relaunch of one of our oldest web sites, finewoodworking.com.

Happening in the Hills

I created this completely custom Wordpress site based on exacting design specs from the Art Director.

Thanksgiving Menu Maker App

An iPad version of the original web-based Menu Maker created in Appcelerator Titanium, this was a extremely popular free download. ...

Conventional vs. Convection Oven

A 3D animation created in Cinema 4D to illustrate the difference between conventional and convection ovens.

Ice Pops iPhone App

I ported a few of our web “Recipe Makers” to iOS using Titanium Appcelerator. This is the free Ice Pops ...

Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking

Shortly after the relaunch of FineCooking.com, we needed to quickly launch a mini-site for a PBS television show which launched ...

Cook Fresh

An iPad magazine created with the Adobe Digital Publishing System.

Create Your Own Recipe

One of a series of online applications that allow you to drag and drop ingredients to create a complete recipe ...

Induction Cooktop

A brief animation created with Cinema 4D to illustrate how induction cooktops work.

Crazy Cocktails

A silly little game where you have to match the drink label with the drink.

Tomato Match

I created this HTML5-based application to launch simultaneously on the web site and the App Store.

Backyard Makeover

This was a sponsored game where visitors could create a fanciful backyard, using an assortment of objects including ones from ...

Menu Maker

A series of online applications that allow you to browse through a curated catalog of recipes and put together a ...

Against the Grain

Interactive game to show “dos” and “don’ts” of woodworking. View Site

Design Your Own Sewing Room

A Flash-based game that allows entrants to design a sewing room from a choice of decor options including furniture and ...

Gas vs. Electric Oven

A 3D animation illustrating the differences in an electric and a gas oven.

Exploding Robot

Robot illustration created for pharmaceutical advertisement for high blood pressure medication.

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